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Bereskin & Parr classé Or au Canada et quatorze professionnels reconnus dans le World Trademark Review 1000 2020

20 février 2020

Bereskin & Parr S.E.N.C.R.L., s.r.l. et quatorze professionnels du cabinet sont à l’honneur dans le World Trademark Review 1000 2020.

Comme indiqué dans WTR 1000 2020, [version anglaise] « One of the premier IP boutiques, it has an outstanding reputation in Canada. The firm is highly professional and seems to maintain the highest standards for its practitioners ».

Félicitations aux professionnels de Bereskin & Parr suivants, pour leur inclusion dans le classement de cette année :

  • Dan Bereskin

    • Sommité

  • Jonathan Colombo

    • Application et Litige - Argent

  • Scott MacKendrick

    • Application et Litige - Argent

    • Poursuite et Stratégie - Argent

  • Don Cameron

    • Application et Litige - Bronze

  • Mark Robbins

    • Application et Litige - Argent

  • Cynthia Rowden

    • Poursuite et Stratégie - Or

  • Janice Bereskin

    • Poursuite et Stratégie - Argent

  • Susan Keri

    • Poursuite et Stratégie - Argent

  • Brigitte Chan

    • Poursuite et Stratégie - Argent

  • Jennifer McKenzie

    • Poursuite et Stratégie - Bronze

  • Mina Chana

    • Poursuite et Stratégie - Bronze

  • Meghan Dillon (Nouveau classement en​ 2020)

    • Poursuite et Stratégie - Bronze

  • Jonathan Burkinshaw (Nouveau classement en​ 2020)

    • Poursuite et Stratégie - Bronze

  • Terry Edwards (Nouveau classement en​ 2020)

    • Poursuite et Stratégie - Bronze


Voici l'analyse World Trademark Review 1000 [version anglaise]:

“Bereskin & Parr consists of thought-leading practitioners who not only carry out top-class work but have also been instrumental in educating the nation about the recent amendments to the Trademark Act. “One of the premier IP boutiques, it has an outstanding reputation in Canada. The firm is highly professional and seems to maintain the highest standards for its practitioners.” Its contentious quartet of Jonathan Colombo, Mark Robbins, Donald Cameron and Scott MacKendrick is as strong as it gets. “When Colombo and Robbins are on the other side, you know it will be an interesting battle and there will be a real debate. They are solid litigators who are thoroughly knowledgeable on the law, understand the nuances really well and are excellent business advisers.” Additional litigation superstars at the outfit include Cameron, who carves a niche for himself in technology licencing, and MacKendrick, “who goes above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. A personable practitioner and mentor, he is a leading light in the Canadian IP space.” On the prosecution side, Meghan Dillon, Jonathan Burkinshaw and Terry Edwards are fresh new additions to the guide this year. Brand protection sage Dillon goes the extra mile to advise clients on the management of their portfolios at home and abroad, while Burkinshaw excels in the fields of medical devices, computer software and personal care products. “Edwards really knows the law inside out and quickly gets to the heart of a matter. She is excellent at scaling advice to meet the needs of a particular project.” Sticking with prosecution, Mina Chana, Brigitte Chan, Daniel Bereskin, Janice Bereskin, Susan Keri, Cynthia Rowden and Jennifer McKenzie are Canadian trademark royalty. Kicking things off, Chana is a truly skilled prosecutor who delves deep into the subject matter, leaving no stone unturned. Chan “consistently delivers high-quality services. She provides thorough, well-reasoned advice every time and is extremely bright and diligent.” Founding partner Daniel Bereskin is a widely celebrated figure in the Canadian IP scene and handles portfolios for a who’s who of A-list multinationals, while co-leader of the trademarks practice group Janice Bereskin has been responsible for international fillings and portfolio management for start-up success story North Inc. Keri is another is the ranks who handles the management of large trademark portfolios across the widest spectrum of industries with aplomb. “Rowden is the doyenne of Canadian trademark law. At the very top of her game, she has more knowledge in the field than everyone else put together. With her finger always on the pulse, she is a real thought leader and a true force of nature.” Rounding up this illustrious list, McKenzie is a “sharp negotiator who knows the law inside out and goes above and beyond for her clients”.

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Daniel Bereskin, C.M., C.R. Daniel Bereskin, C.M., C.R.
B.Sc. (génie physique), LL.B.
416.957.1673  email Daniel Bereskin, C.M., C.R.
R. Scott MacKendrick R. Scott MacKendrick
B.Sc.A. (génie chimique), LL.B.
416.957.1675  email R. Scott MacKendrick
Donald Cameron Donald Cameron
B.Sc.A. (génie), M.Sc.A. (aérospatiale), LL.B.
416.957.1171  email Donald Cameron
Mark Robbins Mark Robbins
B.A., LL.B.
416.957.1605  email Mark Robbins
Cynthia Rowden Cynthia Rowden
B.A., LL.B.
Avocate-conseil à la retraire
416.957.1617  email Cynthia Rowden
Janice Bereskin Janice Bereskin
416.957.1601  email Janice Bereskin
Susan Keri Susan Keri
B.A., LL.B.
416.957.1165  email Susan Keri
Brigitte Chan Brigitte Chan
LL.L., LL.B.
514.871.2920  email Brigitte Chan
Jennifer McKenzie Jennifer McKenzie
B.A. (avec distinction), LL.B.
416.957.1628  email Jennifer McKenzie
Mina Chana Mina Chana
B.Sc. (psychologie), LL.B
905.817.6106  email Mina Chana
Meghan Dillon Meghan Dillon
B.Sc. (psychologie), LL.B.
416.957.1160  email Meghan Dillon
Jonathan Burkinshaw Jonathan Burkinshaw
B.A., M.A., J.D.
416.957.1623  email Jonathan Burkinshaw
Terry  Edwards Terry Edwards
416.957.1614  email Terry  Edwards